Monday, 11 June 2012

Bollington Opening Comp

Sean Mollan and Chris Langford headed down to the Bollington Opening Jam, unfortunately they got there right at the end of the comp, but had a session with the local skaters afterwards.  It was a really sunny day and there was a BBQ etc. local people where out to enjoy the day and see what the skatepark had to offer.

It was really good to see a comp run the way it did, everyone who took part enjoyed themselves and pushed each other, it was all about skateboarding and having fun.

The park is awesome, a nice change to many other council built parks, you can tell the local skaters where involved in planning it.

The park has lots of really creative transitions and angles and there are so many posibilities, other councils really need to up the game now.

Unfortunately Dan couldn't make it to the comp as he was in hospital, 7 years of not looking after a back injury finally caught up with him and he had to spend about 18 days in hospital! 

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