Friday, 4 May 2012

Skateport Team Trip to London for Danny Way screening

 We were invited to London to see the screening of Danny Way's documentary 'Waiting for lightning.' When we arrived at the hotel we spotted these big cushions in the rooms so we sessioned them for literally an hour! Then we went for a quick roll around London where we seen Justin Lee Collins and annoyed commuters.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready and made our way to the screening. It was amazing, there were loads of other skate teams and pros out to watch it and the documentary itself was really good, obviously there was a lot about Danny's life and his many achievements, well worth watching if you get a chance! It finished with a teaser of a new ramp Danny is working on and we are all excited to see where this goes!
 Pic: Chris, Sean, Danny Way, Aimy

We then went to the after party at Madame JOJO's in Soho, where we bumped into Danny, we were talkng to him for ages about skateport and his new ramp, he's a really cool guy :) We also met the Dirty Sanchez guys.
pic: Sean Invert Bay66
The next day we headed to Bay66 to get some footage, and killed the park, keep an eye out for the edit (coming soon). We also went to Meanwhile bowls where Sean took a nasty slam, again check out the edit! 
Pic: Dan 5-0 Bay66
Pic: Sean FS Smith Bay66
Pic: Ste BS Air Meanwhile

Pic: Ste Fakie Stalefish Bay66

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