Monday, 25 June 2012

SKATEPORT's New Team Rider...........

Skateport have had a great working relationship with SuperToxic Urethane for a while now (Ever since they sponsored Skateport’s ChrisLangford). They supply the UK with top grade Urethane and are growing all the time the team includes the likes of DC hopeful and steezy rider Lloyd Mcleggon (Get your Vote on foe Lloyd's Flow to Pro campaign). This relationship continued when they helped us bolster the ranks with a new street skater! Just recently Team manager Dan Goodman had been concerned the team was weighted a little bit towards park skaters. Whilst asking around various other teams and checking out new blood on the internet it was S.T.U that came up with the goods for us! They recommended two awesome street skaters in the form of Ross Zajac and Liam ‘Danish’ Palmer. Ross is already officially on board and we are waiting on self-confessed computer Muppet Danish to get things sorted out online and make it official! (to be fair he has also had a 2 week holiday in between the first contact!)  
Check out Super Toxic at the DC embassy on the following link EMBASSY TRIP!

Ross Zajac- FS nose blunt slide
Ross has been skating for about 12 years and got on Adio shoes through a filming comp where he had to submit footage. He was 1st place and got a year’s sponsorship from them. Ross tries to get to any comps that happen up North and before he was sponsored he placed in the last 3 war of the roses comps in Blackpool. Now that he's sponsored this year will be his first of entering all the sponsored competitions including his first Skateport trip to Boardmasters in August! (we know he's gonna kill it!)

Ross - Krooked Grind

2012/13 look like they are going to be ground-breaking years for Ross and we are proud to have him on board.

His Sponsors are S4 Skateshop, Skateport skateboards SuperToxic Urethane and Adio.

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