Monday, 12 November 2012

Oakley Crowned UK Champ/Team Tour

Well we had more T’s drop this month with the New Andy Pink scribble design docking at the port. Andy currently designs full time for Smooth inc and we were very happy for him to offer up his services! 

Of course the big new last month was that Skateport currently have the Independent UK Vert series champion on their team!  Oakley Liddell beat a host of huge UK Vert names (Sean Goff, Jake Anderson, Sam Bosworth and Sam Beckett) to sit on top of the pile at the end of the tour! He really did wow the crowd in the final leg with his explosive style getting huge cheers from the spectators!

Ollie Blunt

Finger Flip to tail

We had the premier of the Death Skateboards New movie ‘Ordinary Madness’ at the premier suite with Nick Zorlac and crew in tow…it was a really good turn out and we had a fun but soggy session at the park after. The Death boys really lived up to their reputation with a ‘ahem’ game of lazer bowling after the sesh ;) !

Our Boy Jake Anderson is currently filming ‘A day in the Life’ which will focus on his invitation the Vans ‘Warped’ tour where he will get to skate with the likes of Steve Caballero  and Christian Hosoi.
We had our first Joint tour abroad over the end of October and beginning of November with Super Toxic Urethane and Muckefuck. Unfortunately Skateport and Muckef*ck’s Lee Blackwell didn't get his passport through in time and he was stuck back in Blighty! In fact the only other Muckefuck rider who came (Ben Grove) had just a few days before smashed his shoulder up really badly. Of course within the first 2 days he had sufficiently aggravated it to have to go home for hospital attention.

We toured the Netherlands and I'd like to give a huge thank you to Rob Rouleaux who works at Amsterdam Central skatepark (Check it out, it's like a street league course!). He worked really hard to make time for us in his busy schedule so he could treat us like kings and show us all the secret street spots in the Netherlands! Now I’d love to tell you about the mad sh*t that went down but I really can’t as Sidewalk sent a photographer to cover the tour for an article and we can’t release any footage or tricks that went down until after the article early 2013…… Let’s just say it’ll be worth the wait!!  

As for off the board shenanigans let’s just say we will never be leaving Haydn alone with a mouse EVER again…  


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