Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Well it’s been a really busy month hence a very quiet time on the blog front!!

Lot’s of news regarding products and riders!

We have a new and very talented graphic designer on board in the shape of Kate Timney. We have been absolutely blown away with the standard of work she has produced in a relatively short space of time!


Our rider ranks are swelling even more with the addition of the skater’s skater ‘Dewy’. I’m sure you’ll agree his welcome edit is full of some super tech/switch manoeuvres! This incredibly underrated lip technician had us drooling in the Skateport office!!

We have pencilled in 31st March 2013 as the launch date for 3 new graphics to add to our deck range. We will also hopefully have 2 new collaboration decks to bring you before this with ‘Karma skateboards’ and Super Toxic Urethane’ respectively. Just got to dot the i’s and cross the t’s before we can move forward with this!!

We will also have a new jumper range available Early October. Following up for Christmas we should have a new range of beanies and zipped hoodies to keep you nice and warm!

If that isn’t quite enough we will be stocking our very own allen key hardware by the end of the month. This would have happened sooner but we have been trying to find a way to produce top quality bolts for a while and we think we have the right source now.

If you are free on Sunday 14th October, Skateport have 2 skaters (Oakley Liddell + Jake Anderson) competing at the final leg of the UK ‘Independent Vert Series 2012’ What makes this a little bit spicy is our very own Mr Liddell is in direct competition with Superdead rider ' Andy Scott’ for the overall title (after Sean Goff recently broke his collar bone)!!!

We are going to organise a coach  so we can support the guys in force. Of course you can't go to Ramp City without having a skate so after the comp it'll be mad one! Here is the link for payment and travel details: 

Also this month we introduced a limited edition Skateport Griptape to tide us over until the (even if I do say so myself) awesome new feature grip becomes available mid October. As you can see the grip pays homage to the Shake Junt grip...... so 'Shake Port' is born ;)

Click here to order your Grip.
Till next month….

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