Monday, 16 July 2012

Blockless Combat.....

FS Air

Sunday 15th July was the day of the 7th Blockless Combat.  

Just for the record everyone skated really well!!

Jesse Thomas showed everyone that he is young and has what it takes to do well at these competitions by bagging himself 3rd in the B-Group. Followed by a very good mate of Skateports Jake Anderson , Ricardo Camargo, a very under-rated skater grabbing himself a very well deserved 2nd place,  James Hemming showed everyone why he is on top of the series!! 1st place! This guy rips!

I got to see our new skater Oakley Liddell skate in the flesh for the first time today and I have to say I was blown away! I brought him some new pads and there was a mini disaster when they were the wrong size...ooops! He was the first of the day to pull a 540 and tricks such as 1 foot blunts, kickflip Indy’s and he made it look so easy! His practice runs were incredible and I couldn't see anyone coming first but Oakley! However when it came to the comp he stuttered slightly….maybe he tired himself out a bit going for it in practice? Anyway he was joint 4th with X-Games amateur Gold medallist ‘Sam Bosworth’.
You can see why Sam’s done so well in competitions! He has an explosive style that made him so exciting to watch!

Oakley gets the advertising thing real quick!

Mr Liddell didn't show sadness at the pad drama! 

So to the top 3 in the A-Group final……………….

Oakley - 1 foot invert

3rd place in the A-Group competition was an old timer and long-time Vert legend Sean Goff showing that he still has some fight in him and he's not going to step off the top spots any time soon! 2nd place went to Joe Atkins. An overall shredder!  Jake has known him since he was little and he said it's been so nice to see that all the effort he puts in has been paying off. I hadn't seen him before and there was a point when I thought he might steal it! He very nearly landed a 540 and you'll probably see him get one at the next comp!

Finally 1st place went to our very own Jake Anderson!! Jake had never won a single A-Group Blockless Combat competition (been going 7 years!).  You could see how much it meant to him as he looked so nervous waiting for the results on the flatbottom (Well done Mr Goff for bringing a touch of drama to the occasion!)

Jake - Switch Feeble to Fakie

He won some amazing homemade trophies including a ‘Blockless’ Jack Daniels and an amazing 80’s shaped 1st prize deck!  Jake wants to thank Ride Skate Store, Toddtwist eBay Skate Store, all the brands who sponsor the vert series including us, for being there are supporting him in person!!
Next stop Blackpool ……..see me there? You couldn’t stop me!

Sean Goff - Jake Anderson -  Joe Atkins
Some of the prizes..

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