Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Big shout out to Graham Entraprenur Hankinson and co. for getting the Xzone Skatepark together and organising a rad comp today! As far as the comp went it was Skateport's team rider Chris Langford who won the street jam and the game of SK8 and then took 2nd in the mini ramp! Well done mate!! Also a big shout goes out to Skateport favourite Tom Fisher for 3rd in the street and 4th (1 point off 3rd) in the mini ramp! Of course it may all have been different if our other rider in the comp Ross Zajac hadn't given himself a 4" gash in the head (Gnarly footage coming soon!!) in the warm up and spent 4 hours of the day in A&E oops!! To rub salt into the wound Ross came back just in time to see the prizes being handed out ha haaa! He seemed fine with his newly super glued head and was glad no shaving occoured! He said he's gonna be in a little more careful at Boardmasters next week. Although there was a rumour Chris was waxing the floor just where Ross slammed ;). We then all piled outside to have a rad little session on an old Mercedes that had been altered to have a removable grind bar on the back bumper, SICK! 

The whole gang just after the cat bar session!

The park itself is on the smaller side but well worth a visit as A) It's designed by skaters B) Lots of the park has movable sections which makes for inventive sessions C) We live in the UK and Its INDOORS! E) We should support as many parks as possible and make an effort to visit new  ones!! As well as Tom big shout out to the injured Sean Mollan (thanks for coming anyway!) Matt Williams, George Grice, Charlie Grassick and Josh 'The Mimsinator manny King unit of height' Mimms of which only Matt left not injured such was the ferocity and effort that was put in on the day!

As we all got in the car exhausted from the session we mustered up the strength to chat about the session and various ladies parts. We thought the day was over, how wrong..... as we pulled up to a set of lights Chris casually says 'Shall we check if that guys dead?' 
We decided we should so we parked up. On closer inspection we found he wasn't a drunk as at first thought! We were all convinced that the majority of us had popped our 'seeing a dead body' cherry! However with a very daring check of the pulse from big T it turned out he was alive! Chris was really pleased! So after the police took over at the scene we departed with one hell of a day to digest.

Well see you all at Boardmasters a week on Wednesday!! Chris and Ross are also reppin' SuperToxic Urethane!

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